Dealing with the hassles of property ownership

Are you Sick and Tired of dealing with the hassles of property ownership?

BuyMySinkholeHouse Florida

We have an immediate answer for you.

If the headaches and burden of constant maintenance are becoming overwhelming, the outrageous insurance cost have skyrocketed out of control, and the Never Ending increases property taxes have constantly upset you, consider this solution.


We are prepared to offer you Cash for this,or any other property ( a sinkhole property also) you own.

We can close quickly ( and we are fast) and will take your property in AS IS condition.

We will handle all repairs.

We will pay all customary closing costs associated with the sale of your property, making the sale of your property as easy and as simple as possible.

Yes… All you have to do is collect your check.

If you interested in...

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Get an all cash offer on your Florida sinkhole property

We are here to assist you and yes we are fast.

Please watch our testimonials on our video channel.

BuyMySinkholeHouse Florida


Sell your sinkhole house in Florida, even if you’ve tried almost everything and everyone else. 

Get an all cash offer on your Florida sinkhole ,unrepaired or unwanted home (rental house)

regardless of location, condition, size, and price. 

We are ready to close quickly, in as soon as 3 days.  

We can take your problem with your sinkhole property off your shoulders.  

Call us today at 727-259-3232

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Sale your Unrepaired or Unwanted Properties

we buy houses in Florida


We buy your Unrepaired or Unwanted Properties .

Call us today at 727-259-3232 for a FREE consultation.

This is how we can help you:

Quick closing.

No commissions.

No overhead associated with holding property.
Stop your REAL ESTATE rental headaches.
Knowledge of the foreclosure process.
Knowledge about remediation,mold and sinkholes.

Fair offers within 24 -48 hours.
Cash offer.

Paying off mortgages and complete satisfactions on any liens or judgments against you.

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Our Recommendation

Ram Jack Florida

We use RamJack Florida to do our repairs. You can visit at

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What To Do If You Have A Sinkhole

Sinkholes are serious.

visit at

They are not something that should be ignored and are not something to “put off” and handle later.

Sinkholes never get better over time or correct themselves.

They will only get worse if left unhandled.

By ignoring a sinkhole, you are putting your home and your family at risk.

If you suspect a sinkhole on your property, you have probably noticed cracks in interior joint areas, exterior block or stucco .

Jammed windows or doors. Depressions in your yard or the street.  Cracks and separation of paved concrete walks or driveway .

In this situation, the first thing you need to do is schedule a free consultation to have your home inspected.

We will come to your property, perform a free inspection and tell you exactly what is happening with your property, the pote...

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Request your free home inspection

 Sinkhole in your Florida house ?

Some common signs  for sinkholes :

ACracks and separation of paved concrete walks or driveway .


B. Jammed windows or doors.


C. Cracks in interior joint areas, exterior block or stucco .


D. Depressions in your yard or the street. 


Please fill out our contact  form to schedule your FREE Sinkhole House Inspection

or   call us   at 727-259-3232 



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We are buying Florida sinkhole homes

 Sell your sinkhole house for cash

cash for sinkhole hose

We are willing to purchase your sinkhole home as is.

If you are being faced with the long expensive road of sinkhole repair and you are considering selling your home .

Contact us.  Call Us at 727-259-3232

Are you worried about your home collapsing into a sinkhole?

Sell your home.  Yes We are fast.

Start over and purchase a new property that is void of the problems associated with sinkholes.

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